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By reversing the polarities of this timeless story such that Christ is the antagonist, and Satan the protagonist and narrator, The Devil’s Passion offers a radically fresh perspective on the timeless narrative. An audacious hell’s-eye view of the Passion of Christ from a master storyteller, by turns comic, gripping, poetic, pungent and heart-stirring.


Written and performed by award-winning master storyteller, Justin Butcher, directed by Olivier-Award winner, Guy Masterson with video design by Damian Hale and Christian Krupa, haunting and evocative music and sound by Jack Arnold,  set design by Sean Cavanagh, lighting by Tom Turner and translation by Salvatore Cabras.


This show will tour the Anglican churches in Italy in March commencing on Saturday 9th March in Naples. The tour will complete on 27th March in Rome.


A profound meditation on Christ’s Gospel of Love and Solidarity, enacted with a deceptive directness and simplicity which conceals its great theological and dramaturgical depths. The Devil’s Passion is a coup de theatre”.

Philip Crispin, Independent Catholic News


“A light sandblasting for jaded souls, a gleefully heretical flavour…timely, beautifully written, ingenious, poignant – an impressively versatile performance. Butcher’s writing shines”.

Huffington Post


A serious and seriously fine piece of writing, a terrific performance, a startling crackles with great line”.

The Church Times