Wednesday 10th March 2021 at 7pm (UK) 8pm (Italy)






by Lynn Nottage 

curated by Rupert Mason

‘In this breathtaking new play, premiered in 2015, [Lynn Nottage] tackles the devastating impact of loss of work and of de-industrialisation on modern America. Based on extensive interviews with residents of the rustbelt town of Reading, Pennsylvania, it shows the anger and despair that helped fuel the election of Donald Trump. … What Nottage captures brilliantly is the way work, however hard or demanding, gives people an identity and purpose … Behind the play’s portrayal of the damage done to individual lives by what Nottage calls “the American de-industrial revolution” lies a wider picture of collapsing hopes and corporate ruthlessness … I can’t think of any recent play that tells us so much, and so vividly, about the state of the union.’ (Michael Billington, The Guardian)



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