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Created and performed by Commedia Dell’Arte trained Clara Francesca and directed by Olivier Award winner, Guy Masterson that nods to Pirandello and winks at Peter Brook.

The clue is in her name, Jenny Marx. She was Karl Marx’s wife and the force behind the ‘great’ man,  yet, like many before and after her, history has conveniently airbrushed her out. As Jenny is given new life and a fresh voice by a researcher’s pen, she finds that she, once again, has to fight for her truths to be told and her desperately moving story to be heard.

Manifesting Mrs Marx is about a formidable woman trapped between the lines of history books and silenced by the patriarchy. An homage to all those trapped inside their bodies, inside pre-conceived notions of what society tells us we are, and insists that we should be.


Never pauses in its imaginative, engaging, often disorientating performance. You are never quite sure where it is heading, or what will come next. It never lost my attention for a moment and had me talking to people about it for hours afterwards.” (British Theatre Guide)


Thrilling“(NY Herald Tribune)


A Roller Coaster of emotions” HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (FringeReview)

Partying With Mrs Marx: A Documentary of Theatre After 2019!

by Clara Francesca

Clara Francesca first came to SaraSolo Festival (Florida, USA) in 2016 with Manifesting Mrs Marx: an intriguing, nuanced absurdist play looking into the mind of Jenny Marx, Karl Marx’ wife. The Play was accepted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, later receiving a workshop residency under the notable supervision of pioneering J.Productions (Milan, Italia) Producer Julia Holden to finalize the development of the Manifesting Mrs Marx alongside multiple-award-winning British Director, Guy Masterson, touring the play across the globe. In 2021 SaraSolo reunited with Clara and production began to evolve Manifesting Mrs Marx even further, adding more interesting odd little characters, conceiving of this new piece Partying With Mrs Marx: A Documentary of Theatre After 2019! Enjoy!