written by Nigel Forde performed by Andrew Harrison (performed in English)


Teatro Corte dei Miracoli 

Via Mortara 4, 20144 Milan

TIME : 20.30 – 21.45

EVENT ORGANIZER : J.Productions Srls


The Last Cuckoo is an intimate, heartwarming ‘one man show’ is about nature, the countryside, birds and inter-generational relationships. The central character, Harry Baskerville, an ornithologist, is not only a geniune British eccentric but also irascible and unpredictable. Following Harry’s funeral, his nephew, Duncan Campbell, begins the slow, sad and arduous task of working through his uncle’s effects – still all left untouched – at his remote English coastal cottage. The process brings with it heartfelt reflections on a slow paced style of life, harmoniously in tune with the beauty of nature – a way of existence which, Duncan feels, is all too fast disappearing.


Eloquently written by Nigel Forde and sensitively and beautifully performed by Andrew Harrison this is a show not to be missed.

“A magical encounter – the writing is wonderful” Oliver Parker, Film Director

“It’s a great show! An enchanting evening” Sally Magnusson, Broadcaster

“Beautifully comic. I cried with laughter”. Simon Mayo, Broadcaster