Erinnerungen an Exil und Heimat 1927 – 1938  (Memories of Exile and Home 1927 -1938) with the Tempelhofer VocalEnsemble conducted by Wolfgang Wedel with clarinet player Jurgen Fichtel and cellist Peter Besig and readers Diana Kolz, Julia Holden and Barry Holden is produced by Justin Butcher, in association with the Glaubenskirche Tempelhof, Berlin.



This rather personal project for Julia’s family, will take on 21st January 2023 in Tempelhof, Berlin in remembrance of holocaust victims and in support of Refugio Berlin ( established as a project of Berlin City Mission to provide a new home and place of work for refugees. 



This concert, with live choral and chamber music and readings from the book, “Childhood in Berlin” 1927 – 1938, a collection of short stories by Max Newman and Eve Holden edited by Julia Holden, provides a powerful reminder of the devastating effects of war and displacement on refugees families.